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Everything About Roth IRA

What is IRA? What is Traditional IRA? What is Roth IRA? What is Backdoor Roth IRA? What is Mega Backdoor Roth IRA?

3 Things I Learned from Warren Buffett

When the name Warrant Buffet is mentioned, what is the first word or phrase that comes to your mind? For example, you can say “Future me”. I have three phrases, Shareholder, Mr, Market, and Circle of Competence. Today I am going to share how these three things I have learned from Warren Buffett changed my…

My Great Virtual Mentor

I am grateful I have this great virtual mentor. He helped me get back the sense of security, both emotionally and financially. He also guided me to pivot, and move onto the next chapter of my life, focusing on writing and speaking. And He will continue to help and guide me whenever I need him.…

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